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Diplomatic assurances and consequences of Russian withdrawal of ECHR (Cass. 18044/22)

Consequences of the cessation of membership of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe in Italian extradition proceedings. 


Diplomatic assurances from Russia have to be stronger in times of war (Cass., 10656/22)

In times of war between russia and Ukraine, diplomatic assurances from Russia have to be particularly verified.


Diplomatic assurances in extradition cases have to be verified (Supreme Court, 9680/22)

Diplomatic assurances in extradition proceedings have to be verified.



Request for international protection does not stop extradition (TAR Lazio, 2022)

A pending request for international protection does not prevent international extradition.


Post Brexit extradition arrangments: the Italian way (It. Supreme Court, 34466/21)

Arrest warrants from the UK are formally governed by the provisions of the Agreement on trade and cooperation.


Trust needs facts, not words: diplomatic assurances in extradition proceedings

Reliance on diplomatic assurances has been a longstanding practice in extradition relations between States: but can they really be trusted?


Mandatory credit of pretrial detention in extradition proceeding (Cass., 22257/20)

Time spent in pretrial detention in an extradition proceeding is a  general principle of Italian law and a fundamental right of the defendant.

Useful Information

Extradition to Italy

How can an extradition request or a EAW surrender to Italy be fighted against? Some ideas and jurisprudence.


EU court ruling and ne bis in idem in Italian extradition proceeding (It. Supreme Court, 54467/16)

EU Court ruling has a ne bis in idem effect in Italian extradition cases. 


Italian in absentia conviction infringes human dignity (BVerfG 2735/15)

The Italian rules governing the retrial of in absentia convictions do not respect human dignity.

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