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Italian in absentia conviction: mutual legal assistance request regarding detention order and effective knowledge (Trieste Court, 23/1/23)

Request of mutual assistance in serving an execution order to an attorney canno automatically leads to an effective knowkledge presumtpio of the in absentia conviction.


Detention abroad and right to partecipate at an Italian criminal trial (Cass., 43200/22)

The right to attend an own hearing is a fundamental requirement of a fair trial: if the defendant is detained abroad, the Italian trial should halt. 


Absent doesn't mean contumacious: new rescission not allowed (Supreme Court, 18624/19)
The request for "rescission of the judgment" (rescissione del giudicato)  applies only to proceedings in which the absence of the defendant has been declared pursuant to Article 420-bis of the...


Italian in absentia trial violates the right to a fair trial

The Italian rules governing the retrial of in absentia conviction do not meet European convention on Human rights' standard, because they do not grant the defendant the right to adduce new evidence and disputethe evidence gathered in his absence.


Italian in absentia conviction infringes human dignity (BVerfG 2735/15)

The Italian rules governing the retrial of in absentia convictions do not respect human dignity.