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Italian Government has to grant compensation to victims of violent intentional crimes (CJEU, 129/19)

Each Member State has the obligation to provide a scheme on compensation to victims of violent intentional crimes committed in its territory.

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Extradition to Italy

How can an extradition request or a EAW surrender to Italy be fighted against? Some ideas and jurisprudence.


Italian in absentia trial violates the right to a fair trial

The Italian rules governing the retrial of in absentia conviction do not meet European convention on Human rights' standard, because they do not grant the defendant the right to adduce new evidence and disputethe evidence gathered in his absence.


TFUE, statute of limitations and Italian legal principles (Constitutional Court, 115/18)

Do Italian courts have to disapply certain provisions of Italian law concerning statutes of limitations due to European rules?



European Prosecutor, a Trojan horse for fundamental rights protection?
Traditionally, the protection of Union's financial interests was within the exclusive competence of European Union Member States and the EU anti fraud office OLAF as well , Eurojust and Europol...


Italian in absentia conviction infringes human dignity (BVerfG 2735/15)

The Italian rules governing the retrial of in absentia convictions do not respect human dignity.


Only consolidated interpretation requires national judges to apply ECHR (It. Constitutional court. 49/2015)

It is thus only “consolidated law” resulting from the case law of the European Court on which the national courts are required to base their interpretation.