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EPPO overrules jurisdiction refusal ground in EAW (Cass. 23941/23)

EPPO intervention removes national optional refusal  ground when the requested person is already being prosecuted in the Executing State for the same act.

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EPPO Handbook 2022 EuLaw

EPPO defense for lawyers by practicioners.


EPPO coordination prevents EAW denial due to pendency of domestic proceedings (Cass. 16561/22)

The optional refusal to execute an EAW due to the pendency of criminal proceedings for the same facts cannot be validly opposed when the protective order issued in the context of proceedings involving crimes under the jurisdiction of the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO).


EPPO evocation bans optional refusal ground of an EAW for pending criminal proceeding (Cass., 16561/22)

Evocation by EPPO bans EAW optional refusal ground of criminal investigation in the executing state. 


European Prosecutor, a Trojan horse for fundamental rights protection?
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